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Product description

Dogvital is a product that aims to increase the quality of health for dogs and slow the aging process. With numerous benefits for the entire body, Dogvital provides a non-toxic, natural treatment, something extremely important, especially in older dogs.

This clothing item with a thermomagnetic band contributes to the quality of life and general mood of your dog, in order to be energetically balanced! It reduces frequency and intensity of spinal pain, as well as leg pain, lack of circulation and other circulation issues, it improves tendon and energetic structures, ranging from the dog’s head all the way back to their legs through energy stabilization.

Enhances the secretion of the “happiness hormone” – endorphin. It relieves psychological problems such as fobias, fears, depression, low serotonin levels, low tolerance threshold, and increases dog vitality and offers partial protection against electronic smog. Dogvital improves circulation, functioning of internal organs and healing of wounds and injuries.

Helps with leg pain, with hypothermia, numbness, and preserving mineral density in the bones. It also improves sleep quality and reduces the effects of reduced Earth’s natural magnetic field.

The spine is the main support organ. The health of the spine depends on genetics, breed, diet i.e. how it’s formed and deformed, as well as the age of the dog.

Simple application

This attractive garment with all its functionality is also beautifully designed and made of high-quality natural materials that allows the dog’s skin to breathe.

In addition to its comfort, functionality and practicality, it’s easy to maintain and is easily put on the dog. The dog is uninhibited and unfettered in its movement, it doesn’t reduce his vision, or restrains his play time.

It’s sufficient to just put in on the dog and the thermomagnetic therapy begins in the comfort of your own home. Dogvital doesn’t generate discomfort while putting it on or wearing it, it doesn’t have any side-effects, and it’s easily wearable 24 hours a day and doesn’t pose any risk to health.

The best and most positive effect is achieved during sleep. It is suitable for dogs at the age of two and above, who have a tendency to develop spinal problems and poor circulation as well as other health problems.

It is recommended that the dog wears it as often as possible for the first ten days, after which you can adjust the wearing dyamics. This thermomagnetic accessory will create a positive effect and make your dog happy.